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5 Tools Thai’ll Help You Build A High Converting Landing Page

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Landing pages are a key part of any online business.
They are one of the best options when it comes to effectively collecting email addresses.
Landing page is a standalone web page distinct from your main website that has been designed for a single focused objective.
Landing pages allow you to deliver ultra-relevant messages to hyper-targeted audiences, speaking to specific user needs and improving conversions.
In marketing terms, a landing page is a distinct page on your website that’s built for one single conversion objective. A landing page should be designed, written and developed with one business purpose in mind.
Good marketing is all about good landing pages, and the right gear can make your mission much easier. With templates, tracking, and testing, and these landing page tools are real lifesavers.

Types of Landing Pages

There are 2 basic types of landing page, Click Through and Lead Generation (also referred to as Lead Gen or Lead Capture pages).

Click Through Landing Pages

Click through landing pages (as the name implies) have the goal of persuading the visitor to click through to another page. Typically used in ecommerce funnels, they can be used to describe a product or offer in sufficient detail so as to “warm up” a visitor to the point where they are closer to making a purchasing decision.
Example click through landing pages

Lead Generation Landing Pages

Lead generation landing pages are used to capture user data, such as a name and email address. The sole purpose of the page is to collect information that will allow you to market to and connect with the prospect at a subsequent time.
Example lead gen landing pages

The following tools are ones that can help you to build amazing landing pages .

  1. Unbounce – Landing Pages: Create, Publish and A/B Test Without I.T.
  2. Instapage – Landing Pages: Build & Test in Minutes – Instapage
  3. Lander – Landing Page: Create, Publish and Optimize for Free | Lander
  4. Optimizely – Optimizely: A/B testing software you’ll actually use
  5. Kickofflabs – Smarter Landing Pages, Opt-in Forms, & Email Marketing

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