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The Top Skills That Can Get You Hired In 2017

By December 8, 2016June 26th, 2020No Comments
As we near the end of 2016 and begin approaching 2017, one thing you may have noticed is the rising demand for more and more skilled workers in an ever-evolving job market.
It’s December, and there’s a good chance you’re looking for a new job.According to LinkedIn data, this is the month job applications spike on the social networking site.To find out what exactly employers are looking for, and what it takes to successfully land a job, LinkedIn looked at billions of data points and analyzed all of the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on its site so far in 2016to identify the most sought-after skills.
Here are the hottest, most in-demand skills around the globe:
1. Cloud and Distributed Computing
2. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
3. Web Architecture and Development Framework
4. Middleware and Integration Software
5. User Experience Design

6. Network and Information Security
7. Mobile Development
8. Data Presentation
9. SEO/SEM Marketing
10. Storage Systems and Management
Check out the results of their study below:

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