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Technomarketing is a new buzz word introduced recently. After reading this, I think most of you would be curious to know about what is technomarketing? So here we go,
“Technomarketing is a unique combination of technology+Marketing”.
In 140 characters or less, if you ask me to describe what is Technomarketing?
Here is what I would say,
Technomarketing is a new disruptive way of marketing which is going to change the future of traditional marketing by using technology
I have been working with many marketing guys and one common problem I have found among them is that they are dependent on others for trivial things which they can easily do on their own like landing pages design , Email campaign design etc because they are not aware of basic coding and designing skills, so if you want to transit into technomarketing role you should know basic coding.
Now time has apparently changed so my advice for aspiring techno marketer are:
1. Ensure that you understand the technology well enough as for doing technomarketing you must have a thorough knowledge of technology otherwise in the long run your traditional way of marketing will not work .
2. Make sure that you Learn the basic program from w3school or google as well as from other free resources .Consider giving 1-2 hr everyday from your hectic schedule for learning.
3. You must follow thought leaders on Linkedin and Quora.
4. You should attend free online webinars from hubspot , Marketo, Leadsquared.
5. Ensure that you start setting primary or secondary goals and consider putting your efforts to achieve them.
6. Consider spending some time in how to write a great
content as well as know that
Content is King and Marketing is Queen”
7. Make sure that you attend a couple of networking events whenever possible.
8. Start using marketing automation tools for your business
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